Friday, 23 February 2007

Bar Hill Residents Association Constitution


Rules and constitution adopted at the Inaugural Meeting at Bat Hill 0n 20 October 1967 and revised at a General Meeting on 25 July 1969 and at a General Meeting on 13 January 1986 and at a General Meeting on 21 January 1994 and at a General Meeting on 23 February 2007.


2 Objects:

a To promote the interests of Bar Hill village
b To act when necessary as an intermediary between the residents and other bodies
c To raise funds for the purpose of promoting the interests of the village
d To keep residents informed of matters of interests to them in and around the Village

3 Membership and Annual Subscriptions

a Resident:
Open to each resident householder which membership shall confer on all members of his/her family normally resident with him/her the rights and privileges of membership: £1.00 per year, except that resident householders of pensionable age (60/65) are eligible for free membership.

b Business:
Open to the principal or his/her nominated deputy of any trading or commercial undertaking with premises in the Village which membership shall confer only on the member the rights and
privileges of Membership: £2.00 per year.

c Honorary:
Open on the decision of the Committee to any person interested or concerned in the development of the village which membership shall be reviewed annually by the Committee: £NIL per year.

4 Year

The Association year will run from 20 January one year to 19 January the next. Members joining the Association after 30 April one year will be covered by their subscription until 19 January next.

5 Officers and Committee

a Up to 12 Committee members (who must be Village Residents) as agreed by the AGM from time to time.
b Plus a Secretary, who must be a resident.
c Plus a Treasurer, who must be a resident.
d Plus TWO Auditors who are not members of the Committee.

The AGM may elect a president and up to two vice presidents if it wishes.

If at the Annual General Meeting of the Association it shall not be possible to form a Committee as defined in rule 5 then the Association shall be wound up; and in that event any assets of the Association after all its debts have been paid shall be transferred to the Parish Council of Bar Hill upon the following terms:-

The Parish Council shall hold such assets for a period of two years upon trust to pay such assets to any new Residents Association or other organisation which maybe formed within that time and which has in the opinion of the Parish Council a constitution and objects which are essentially similar to those of this Association; and if no such Residents Association or other organisation shall have been formed within that time upon trust to distribute such assets between such local clubs and organisations and in such proportions as the Parish Council shall at its absolute discretion think fit. Without limiting or fettering the discretion of the Parish Council in this matter in any way, it is nevertheless requested to have regard to the size and importance of the various local clubs and organisations, when deciding upon the proportions in which such assets are to be distributed.

6 Powers of the Committee

a To be responsible for the administration of and answerable to the Association.
b To invite observers and advisors who need not necessarily to members of the Association to it for particular purposes (not to have voting rights on the Committee).
c To elect one of its members as its Chairman.

7 Powers of Officers

a The Secretary shall be empowered to correspond and act as directed by the Association and the Committee.
b The Treasurer shall be empowered to receive and pay all monies on behalf of the Association subject to the rules on finance.
c The Auditors shall satisfy themselves that all monies have been properly brought into account and shall have powers at any time to examine the records and accounts and property of the Association.

8 Meetings of the Association

Meetings whether Annual Meetings or Special Meetings shall be called by the Secretary as required by not less than ten resident members which request shall set out the reason for the meeting. The Annual meeting shall be held no earlier than 1 May in any year and not later than 31 May in any year. The Notice of Meeting shall be published no less than fourteen days before the meetings and shall set out matters to be discussed thereat and it shall be sufficient notice of the meeting if the Secretary shall display a notice not less than A4 size on every notice board in the Village available for use of the Association except that he/she and the Committee may also use any other media of notice as may become available including closed circuit television.

At any Annual General Meeting of Special Meeting only matters set out in the Notice of Meeting shall be discussed except that at an Annual General Meeting a matter may be raised under any other business provided that written notice shall be given to the Secretary and then only with the consent of a reference committee consisting of the Chairman and two members of the Committee not being officers.

9 Quorum

Committee Meetings

Five elected member of whom not more than two shall be officers.

10 Alteration of Rules

These rules shall be altered only at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special Meeting called to alter the rules. The rule(s) to be altered with the rule(s) as altered only be set out in full in the Notice of Meeting. A rule shall be altered only by the vote of not less than two thirds of the resident members present at the meeting - fractions to be ignored.

11 Place of Meeting

Every business meeting of the Association or the Committee shall be held with the Village.

12 Finance

a The Committee shall have the power to authorise spending up to two thousand pounds for a specific purpose this amount to be the sum of all items making up a scheme or project or purchase with the exception of purchases for the production of the Bar Hill News which will not be subject to any limit.
b The Treasurer shall open a banking account in the name of the Association.
c Cheques drawn on the Association banking account shall be signed by the Treasurer and either the Secretary or Chairman of the Committee.

13 Nominations and election of Officers and Committee

Nominations will normally be in writing and signed by the nominee, his/her proposer and his/her seconder and will be delivered to the Secretary not less than fourteen clear days before the date of the meeting. However the meeting may accept later nominations by a majority vote.

Officers and Committee shall be elected by show of hands or ballot by resident members present at the meeting shall decide.

14 Copies of the Rules

Each committee members shall receive one copy of these rules on being elected to the Association Committee and shall pay 10p for each other copy.

15 Indemnity

The Treasurer shall arrange for insurance indemnity of Officers and Members of the Committee and if possible and practicable for all other members of the Association against any claims, damages proceedings or liabilities which might arise from any action, meeting function or other things done or arranged or held by or on behalf of an Officer or Member of the Committee.

(Filed as BHRARULE.DOC, M. Avery.)