Saturday, 13 November 2010

Could You Be a Liberal Democrat Councillor?

With the General Election an increasingly distant memory thoughts are beginning to turn to the District Council elections coming in 2010. The Liberal Democrats are currently looking for people willing to stand as Councillors across the County.

Are you interested in becoming more involved in your local community? Are you interested in local politics? Do you have the time to spend listening to both your local residents and your fellow Councillors? Are you able to make meetings (time off work, evenings, etc)? 

Do you have about a million other questions that I couldn't even begin to answer here?

If you're interested a good place to start is by visiting the following website;

If you have any questions about what being a District or County Councillor involved drop me an email and I'll get you a much more detailed response.

There is also a Be A Councillor event on 23 November at 7pm, for anyone in the Eastern Region who might like to stand for their councils. This requires you to register online. There are other dates (but these are in other Counties) as well.