Friday, 26 November 2010

Fairer Votes: No surprises

Yesterday the No campaign released a list of its "Patrons." And the list is packed with figures from the tired, old political establishment.

It is no surprise to see the usual suspects attacking a system that will give voters more of a say. Sadly we shouldn't be surprised that they don't want a change that will mean politicians will have to work harder to get elected.

While these "big beasts" are busy trying to block progress, it's you, the people, who are leading the Yes campaign. And today, I need you to help us prove that.

Please step up today to invest in Yes. Can you donate £5, or whatever you can afford, to support our people's campaign?

We want to get as many people as possible to donate this weekend to show the opposition that while they have the old political establishment on their side, the Yes campaign has the people.

What they just don't see - and we've got to make clear - is that our politics have changed.

Like the No campaign's patrons, our voting system is stuck in the past. Voters have moved on, and it's high time politics caught up.

What's so objectionable about asking MPs to get the support of more than half of the communities they seek to represent? What's wrong with making them work harder?

The Alternative Vote is a small change that will make a big difference.

Help make that big difference happen. Donate today:

Thank you for all your support,

Jonathan Bartley
Yes to Fairer Votes Council