Tuesday, 30 November 2010

PFI Street Lighting Coming to Bar Hill in April 2011

As part of the annual process of paying for Street Lighting renewal and maintenance costs has begun with Parish Councils across Cambridgeshire receiving the letter attached giving them notice that the County has begun the process of signing over all the street lights to a private company who will be responsible for upgrading the 80% of existing stock that is past it's design life and rolling out new stock where required.

The letter to Parish Councils is available here.

PFI projects have always been a bone of contention (see here for a good Guardian commentary on the subject). The whole "buy now pay later" idea has led to a lot of problems in this Country and it's no better when a government does it than when anyone else does it except, let's be honest, the risk of the Government defaulting on a PFI deal is practically zero whereas as the banks have learned to their cost the same can't be said of the public at large.

Given the incredibly poor state of street lighting across Cambridgeshire (something for which the County Tories seem very keen on blaming central government) the company that takes on the Counties lights will certainly have it's work cut out! We shall see how it goes ...

As the letter says; more details of the arrangements will follow.