Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Yes! To Fairer Votes: Why Ralph is voting Yes

Yes to Fairer Votes
Over the coming months, the nation will be asking: how will you vote on 5 May?

Ralph Hill, 86, knows how he'll be voting - Yes.

Ralph fought for democracy in World War II - and he wants to make ours better this May.

Watch him explain why. Then tell us your own story:

Watch Ralph tell his story

If the Yes campaign is to be a success, we must be ready to answer the most common and important question we'll be asked - "Why should I vote Yes?"

Ralph's answer is: "I've voted in every election for 64 years but my vote has always been confiscated by the system." He wants to have a say in the democracy he fought for.

Whether on the street corner, your neighbour's doorstep, or on the phone at your local phonebank - we all need to have clear and compelling reasons to win the vote.

Why will you say Yes to AV, and what do you think it will take to make others say yes? Watch the video today, and then share your own story.


Thank you for campaigning with us.

Best wishes

Katie Ghose
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