Monday, 13 December 2010

Cambridgeshire County Council "Vision for the Future"

The County Council has decided to make public some of it's spending plans for the future. A communication has been sent to Parish and District Councils to allow them to start to plan for the future.

The text of the message sent by the County Council is below;

"The County Council is very keen to engage with town and parish councils, as we make some difficult decisions about providing services for local communities in the future.  You will have hopefully received an email from me earlier this month, outlining our broad budget plans and likely decisions about council tax in 2011/12. 

We understand the need to provide you with more detail in order to inform your precepting decisions.  However, we are still at the stage of developing proposals and are not yet in a position to share extensive detail.  Indeed, it was only just over a week ago that we shared outline proposals with all our Members for the first time. 

I can reassure you though that we are committed to working with you over the next few months and beyond.  I have attached a version of the Members seminar on 3rd December, which will provide you with an overview of our vision for the future. 

I have also provided a link to the paper for our forthcoming Cabinet meeting this week, which provides an update on the budget:

And a link to a press release at the end of last week giving further information on our future plans: 

You are also invited to participate in our online budget consultation, which can be found here: 

In the New Year, we will be finalising detailed plans in time for our Cabinet meeting on 25th January, and then full Council meeting on 15th February. During January and February, we will be sharing as much detail as possible with you, as soon as we can.

We are also more than happy to answer any queries you might have, now or in the future.  Please contact Nick Dawe, our Director of Finance, on, or 01223 699236.

Very best wishes

Mark Lloyd  
Chief Executive
Cambridgeshire County Council"