Saturday, 11 December 2010

Street Parties & The Royal Wedding (29 April 2011)

It might be a long time away but the County Council Traffic Management Team have put together some guidance regarding "Street Parties" should members of the public want to arrange one. 
I've included that guidance, as well as contact details, in this article to keep you informed.


The UK has a history of arranging street parties for historic events, the image to the left shows a street party celebrating the Queens Silver Jubilee in 1977. In 1981 street parties were held across the country to celebrate the marriage of the Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer. 

The County Council Traffic Management Team recognise that many may also wish to celebrate the wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton in a similar fashion. This is especially true now that the government has declared 29 April 2011 as a Bank Holiday. 

Given the likelihood of one-off events the County Councils Traffic Management Team have published the following guidance for street party organisers.


If at all possible, events should be held off road. Street parties should be held on residential roads with no through traffic e.g. a cul-de-sac. In which case;
  • A traffic management company or trained person will not be required to put out signage or traffic management.
  • Chapter 8 Traffic Signs Manual signage will not be necessary, but the road will need to be blocked off.
  • Public liability insurance will not be essential, but is recommended.
  • All residents affected by the closure will need to be asked and most will have to agree to it.
  • An application for a road closure will be needed and will have to be submitted at least 12 weeks prior to the event.
If residents wish to have a street party on a route with through traffic then they will be subject to the usual criteria for a road closure. Applicants will have to seek permission from the Local Highways Authority and;
  • Use a traffic management company or persons trained under the New Roads and Street Works Act “Signing, lighting and guarding” to close the road and put out signage.
  • Use Chapter 8 Traffic Signs Manual signage to correctly close the road and provide a diversion route. 
  • Apply for a road closure at least 12 weeks prior to the event.
  • Include mapped plans of the closures with diversion routes and all signage shown.
  • Have public liability insurance of at least £5m.
  • Ensure that the closure is communicated to all affected parties in advance.

Street parties will be classed as community events and therefore the public will not be charged for their Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTRO) if advertising deadlines are met.

For further information please contact the Traffic Manager’s Team;
Tel: 01223 715913
RES1005, The Octagon, Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge, CB3 0AP.