Saturday, 15 January 2011

"Charge and Spend" Transport Policy

As regular followers of the Cambridgeshire County Council Liberal Democrat group will know at the end of November Councillor Nichola Harrison resigned from the group and became an independent

On Monday Nichola will be announcing a new transport policy for Cambridgeshire - "Charge and Spend".

I've had a preview of the general idea but haven't had a chance yet to read the specific proposal - I'll go into more detail on my own views on the proposal (as I'm sure will my South Cambridgeshire Council colleagues) as soon as I've had some time to digest it. For now though Nichola has launched a new website;

The website welcomes comments and I'd encourage everyone who is passionate about Transport (both public and private) to go to the website and leave their views.

It's worth reiterating that this policy is *not* a Liberal Democrat policy and her desire to pursue it *is* the reason Nichola left the Liberal Demcorat group on the County Council (announcing an idependent transport policy not being compatible with her role as a Liberal Democrat Transport Shadow Cabinet Member).