Friday, 28 January 2011

e-Cops: Weekly update 23-JAN-2011

Update from Cambridgeshire Constabulary (via e-Cops);

"I have been very busy this week (46 hrs completed) and I have spent my time providing high visibility presence in Bar Hill and other villages in my area. 

Whilst on patrol in Pheasant Rise, Bar Hill, I saw a youth riding a cycle that looked too big for him. I gave the information to my colleague PC Soni and the youth was stopped. We spoke to this youth who claimed that he had been given the cycle the previous day by another youth. He did not know the full name of this youth but he knew where this youth lived. He then pointed out the address to us. Enquiries at this second address resulted in a second youth being spoken to regarding the matter. This second youth confirmed the account of the first youth and went on to say that he had found the two cycles nearby his home address. He thought that they had been discarded so he took them. Further enquiries confirmed the accounts and the cycles were in fact abandoned. The youths were advised about the offence of theft by finding. Incidentally, later that day a resident approached us to complain that her cycle had been stolen from her garage in Appletrees. We did check descriptions to ensure that they did not match with the cycles in the possession of youths checked earlier. 

I was given information by a resident that a car was been used without a current vehicle excise licence that had expired in 2009!!! I checked the vehicle registration number supplied and visited the owner with PC Soni only to discover that the information was accurate. A report has been submitted to DVLA.. 

On 13th January 2011, an opportunist burglar took advantage of insecurity in Foxhollow. Entry was gained into the property and having gained entry into the property a laptop and a bunch of keys including car keys were stolen. Any one with information that may help detect this crime should contact the police.

Kind regards 
PCSO 7009 B. Mani"

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