Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Yes to AV: Time for a FPTP Debate!

Yes to Fairer Votes
A No vote this 5 May is more than a vote against AV.

It's a vote in favour of our existing electoral system, first past the post.

But we've yet to hear the No campaign clearly explain the merits of the system they're campaigning to uphold this May.

I delivered a letter this weekend to the president of the No campaign, Margaret Beckett, challenging her to an honest debate about FPTP's merits.

Help make that debate happen by signing up to my petition for a debate now:


We're inviting Beckett to name the time, the day, and the place for the debate.

All we ask is that the No campaign answer, with clarity and honesty, why they'll be voting Yes to FPTP in a few months' time.

We've yet to hear a logical, consistent, and coherent argument from the No campaign in favour of the broken status quo.

Join me in challenging Margaret Beckett to give the public the standard of debate they deserve:


Thank you,

Jonathan Bartley
Yes to Fairer Votes
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