Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Stagecoach Starts To Shutdown Cambridgeshire Bus Network

So Stagecoach has taken its cue from Cambridgeshire County Council's Great Bus Cull and started to pack up its bags already. A mere week after the Cambridgeshire Conservatives took an axe to bus travel in the county, Stagecoach is de-registering a range of bus routes across Cambridgeshire. 

The X9 between Cambridge and March will be halved in off-peak frequency (every two hours instead of every hour) and will stop earlier in the evenings; the one X9 bus on Sundays will be withdrawn. 

There will be reduced services to Milton (Citi 2 and Citi 4); Duxford and Whittlesford will no longer be served by the Citi 7; Cambridge will lose the City Circle; there will be reduced services on the 12a to Newmarket, the 15 to Swavesey, and into Cambridge from Longstowe and Comberton in the evenings.

The 31a school journeys from Trumpington and Netherhall School will cease to be operated by Stagecoach. The 30 from Ramsay to Huntingdon will cease to operate in the evenings and on Sundays, and the 45 from St Ives to Huntingdon in the evenings.

And that's just for starters. Woe betide you if you live in Cambridgeshire and don't drive.

E-Cops - Weekly News 19-FEB-2011

There has been a report of suspicious circumstances on Saturday 12th February 2011, in Manor Lane, Boxowrth. A man driving a black range rover has been approaching few residents in the area asking to do their drive way and sell them some gravel. This man claimed that had just finished work on pipes nearby, there has been confirmed that there was no work carried out in the area nearby by this male. Police were informed and attended, but this man had left the area. We have his vehicle index and have completed the necessary checks, this vehicle has been reported before for exactly the same behaviour.

On Thursday 17th Feb 2011, there was a report theft from a motor vehicle between 1900 and 0900 the next day. Unknown persons have used a screwdriver to remove three wheel trims form a vehicle parked in the location and damaged the front passenger wheel trim.

If you saw anyone in the area doing this please drop me a line. 

On Friday 11th February 2011, there has been a report of fuel theft from two Lorries parked at unit 1 Norman Park Industrial Estate, Bar Hill. The premises have a 7ft high metal fence with locked main gates. Unknown persons have managed to gain entry without causing any damage to the fence or gates and stolen fuel from the Lorries parked at the location.

Kind regards 

PCSO 7009 Bujar Mani
Neighbourhood Policing Team

Friday, 11 February 2011

E-Cops - Suspicious activities in Bar Hill

On Monday 7th Feb 11, there was a report of suspicious circumstances in Hollytree’s Bar Hill. A male and a female were seen in the area of Hollytree’s going though the charity bags opening and closing the bags and possibly removing items. PC Reeves and I were dispatched to this job in a very short period of time after the report came through to us, we did a good area search, but there was no sign of these two particular people in the area. 

On Wednesday 8th Feb 11, there was a report of suspicious activity in Tesco car park, Bar Hill. A silver transit van was seen in Tesco car park selling flat screen TV’s from the back of the van. The van was in the area for a very short period of time, however this incident was seen on CCTV and fully recorded. We will be investigating further.

On Monday 7th Feb 11, PC Reeves and I have conducted some speed checks along the 40mph part of Scotland Road. On this occasion, we did not find anybody travelling over 40mph, so no warnings or tickets have been issued. I know this is an area of concern for many residents, we'll keep checking this area in the future.

As I have mentioned on my last e-cop, on Wednesday 2nd February 11, there was a report of suspicious circumstances in High Street, Dry Drayton. A man claiming to be from Luton was in the area going door to door trying to sell aerial photos on the price of £35. My thanks to one residents from Dry Drayton who provided us the very next day with this male details and we were able to check on this male and find out who he is. I can now confirm to you that this male selling ariel photograph was genuine at this time, but please do keep reporting anything that it may look suspicious to you.

Dates for your diary

Date and time of your next panel meeting

Swavesey Neighbourhood Panel Meeting
Location: Willingham Primary School
Tuesday 22nd February 2011
19:30 - 21:30

Kind Regards
PCSO 7009 Bujar Mani
Histon Neighbourhood Policing Team

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Councillors at Work (Audio Recordings @ Full Council)

The Oral Questions segment of Full Council is recorded and I've attached the recording from the December 2010 meeting. Unfortuantely it starts with a question asked by Councillor Sedgwick-Jell who failed to use the microphone provided and so both the question, and some of the comments, have not been recorded (although the answer has).

The recording is made by Democratic Services and is only used to allow them to put together the published minutes (available here as Appendix C on the County Council website) and is then destroyed.

This information will be recorded *anyway* - it's needed to put together the minutes - the question is; is it worth being published in some way instead of just destroyed?

EDIT: The MP3 Recording is available here.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Police Crime Maps

If you'd like to see the crime maps for your area here are some quick links to addresses in the division (with the number in brackets being the number of crimes reported);

*- All crime figures are as of the posting date on this blog!

Having looked at the figures, especially Bar Hill, the bit that is more than a little worrying is the "other crimes" category (which is the joint largest) and could probably do with breaking down as I would guess (and it is just a guess!) that Shoplifting (which falls into this category) is responsible for the majority of them.

It's something that the Government has managed to put this together so quickly and in a way the public can easily access. Hopefully more datasets like this will become available over the coming months and years.

e-Cops: Street level crime maps

A new national website has launched to give you more local information about crime and anti-social behaviour at a street level. The online map will allow you to view figures for all crime as well as burglary, robbery, violence, vehicle crime, other crime and anti-social behaviour in your area, at the touch of a button.

The maps display dots which mark the approximate location where a crime or incidence of anti-social behaviour has been reported to the police. To ensure privacy of individuals, incidents of crime or anti-social behaviour are mapped to a point on, or near, the street where it happened.

You can see the site at www.police.uk. Enter your postcode for more details on crime and anti-social behaviour where you live.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary