Friday, 4 March 2011

E-Cops - Weekly Update 26-FEB-2011

PCSO Mani has been on annual leave this week, so it is a good opportunity for me to write and introduce myself to those who don't already know me.

I am PC Claire Reeves and I work at Histon Station. I am the Community Beat Officer for your villages working alongside PCSO Mani. I also look after the Papworth & Elsworth Beat with PCSO Kerrie Macinnes. My main role is conducting crime investigation in your villages, tackling anti-social behaviour and dealing with community concerns. I regularly attend Police Surgeries with PCSO Mani, so please do come along to the next one, say Hello and let me know of any neighbourhood concerns you may have.

Over the past week, there have been four reported crimes, all of which have been in Bar Hill. There have been two reported thefts from vehicles whereby the wheel trims have been removed. Within the industrial areas there has been a theft where two wheelie bins have been stolen. There has also been a burglary where unknown offenders have climbed the fence and entered a container within the yard. It is not known if anything was stolen from this container. Did you see or hear anything suspicious or that may help us with our enquiries? If so, please call 0345 456 4564 to report.

In response to concerns that have been raised regarding vehicles breaking the speed limit along Scotland Road in Dry Drayton, we wanted to get a full picture of the extent of this problem. Over a continuous period of 7 days we have conducted a traffic survey which is done using either 2 black rubber strips across the road or with a small black box which is attached to a telegraph pole/lamp post (this is therefore not a high visibility check, so vehicles cannot slow down in reaction to the check) it gains a more accurate picture of the speed vehicles are travelling along the stretch of road. The equipment was placed approximately mid way through the 40mph stretch of Scotland Road. The results for the 7 day long check are as follows...

Speed limit 40mph
Northbound Southbound
Total Vehicles 15,366 12,636 
Average MPH 42 38 
Total exceeding authority guidelines (10% + 2mph) 4,942 835 
Percentage exceeding authority guidelines 32.16% 6.61% 

Kind regards
PC 2207 Claire Reeves