Sunday, 20 March 2011

E-Cops - Weekly Update - On behalf of PCSO B. Mani and PC Claire REEVES

PCSO Mani has been on holiday, PC Reeves has been very busy with her crime enquiries and training commitments however, they have arranged for appropriate cover during this period.

This week calls for service have ranged from, persons trying to get a resident to sign up and make regular contributions to their charity, a range of domestic issues, alarm activations, silent 999 calls, problems with young persons and a dog running loose.

The incident involving persons claiming to represent a charity and being very assertive about signing up to making regular financial contributions may be of interest to some of you.

Increasingly, charities are having to resort to training volunteers to go door to door in order to secure regular income sources for their charities. Of course charities are perfectly entitled to seek funding.

Equally, there will be a very small minority who may wish to exploit these circumstances in order to take advantage of people's goodwill. Our advice to you would be, do not let people into your home unless you know them or can verify their identity.

There have been a couple of issues of anti social behaviour in the Brambles area and Little Meadows that PCSO Mani and PC Reeves will be keeping their eye on in the coming days.

Finally, please remember you are all in a generally safe area, however, keep an eye on your neighbours' properties (particularly if they are away) and ensure that you report any suspicious activity to the police.

Reporting procedures: Urgent matters - 999, Non urgent calls - 03454 564 564. Confidential reporting 0800 555 111.