Thursday, 31 March 2011

E-Cops - Your weekly new 26-MAR-2011

We have had 16 incident report this week, however most of these incidents are messages and information not crime related.

On Wednesday 22 March, there was a report of criminal damage in Appletrees, Bar Hill. During the darkness hours unknown person(s) have painted writing on one of the residents door, with white paint using a brush. There was also an other two incidents reported to us at the same day and place. Unknown person(s) have walked into two different drive way's, and painted vehicle's with white paint.
If you seen this happened, or seen any one behaving suspiciously in the area, please do get in touch.

On Saturday 19th March, there was a report from a taxi driver which and being hired from Cambridge by two females. Females then asked the taxi driver to stop at Cambridge services in Boxworth, which then they got of the taxi, and got into a vehicle which was waiting for the females in the area, and made off without paying the fare £20.

On Monday 21st March, there was a report of a dangerous dog in Bar Hill, in the fields beside the library. The owner of the dog was asked by a Bar Hill resident what type of dog it was, and said an American Pitbull. There has been no sign of aggression from this dog, however inquiries were made with RSPCA, and they have confirmed that this type of dog is illegal.
If you come across this dog in your village, please drop me a line, would be good to locate the owner of this dog and find out the details needed.

On Tuesday 22 March, Whilst I was on patrol in the village, I came across to a suspicious looking man at The Bramble area, Bar Hill. I spoke to this man, and carried out the necessary checks, and was all in order.

I and PC Reeves have carried out regular patrols at the skate park in Bar Hill, and have engaged on speaking to a lot of youths making use of the area, all seem to be fine, and under control at this present time.

On Wednesday 23 March, I and Pc Soni have carried out speed checks on Saxon Way, Bar Hill, two vehicles were stopped and advised of their defect lights. One vehicle was seen speeding in a excess of 46mph. Vehicle was stopped and dealt with promptly.

On Thursday 24th March, Pc Reeves has carried out speed checks in Scotland Road, Dry Drayton, three drives were stopped and given words of advice regarding the manor of their driving through the village. One driver was issued with a £60 fine and points on their licence.

On Thursday 24th March, I and Pc Reeves have carried out speed checks also in High Street, Boxworth, only one vehicle was stopped, and given wards of advice regarding the manor of the driving through the village.

I have also spent some time on dealing with vehicles holding no valid road tax in Appletrees, Bar Hill. Registered owners have being warned of this matter, and they will be reported to Driving Vehicles licence Department.

Kind regards
PCSO 7009 Buajr Mani
Histon Neighbourhood Policing Team