Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Liberal Democrats in Government: Reducing Income Tax

At times like this when all you get to hear is bad news about the economy and the tax burden I just thought I'd share this piece of good news with you regarding Liberal Democrat achievements in government and how these are affecting real people doing real job in Cambridgeshire.
Needless to say it's been a very difficult time for the coalition but as part of the coalition programme the Liberal Democrats have achieved a reduction in the income tax burden for the very lowest paid. This is due to our policy of raising the income tax threshold - contrast this with the mess the previous Labour Government made with it's 10p tax changes.
As an example in the whole of Cambridgeshire approximately* 6,200 people will pay no income tax at all - and almost 270,000 people will pay £200 less in tax than they had done under the last Labour Government.
Specically looking at South Cambridgeshire there will be around 1,300 people who will pay nothing and more than and around 67,000 who will be paying £200 less from their April pay packets onwards.
* - All these numbers have been calculated from publicly available statistics