Monday, 11 April 2011

2011 District Council Elections

South Cambridgeshire District Council has published a full list on it's website of the people nominated to run in Bar Hill as candidates for the once vacancy on the District Council. The nominations are;

DAVIES Helene Yvette (UK Independence Party)
FANE Peter Robert (Liberal Democrat)
HALL Roger (Conservative Party)
SHEPHERD John Samuel (Labour Party)

Our candidate for the election is Peter Fane (pictured on the left with Liberal Democrat County Councillor Andy Pellew).

Peter is a surveyor and freelance consultant on public policy, specialising in rural development and renewable energy. He was Director of the British Agricultural Bureau in Brussels in the ‘90s and a Director of the Government’s Countryside Agency until its abolition in 2006. He has lived with his family in Dry Drayton for the last eight years, where he is also a parish councillor. He has been actively involved in promoting the village plan, working with neighbouring parish councils (including Bar Hill) in promoting the case for an off-road cycle path to Madingley and West Cambridge to secure a safe route for cyclists from all three villages to the Coton junction and to West Cambridge.

Peter Fane says “my experience in politics and elsewhere in Europe has led me to favour a new style of politics, where politicians from different parties set out their differences before the election but work together after the election to deliver the best possible service for the public. The coalition government’s commitment to 'Localism' – or community politics as we have long favoured in the Liberal Democrats – will mean more opportunities for local communities to decide their own priorities on planning and local services”.

Peter accepts the need to reduce the public sector deficit, to ensure Britain is not lumbered with unsustainable debt as is now the case in a number of other European countries; but this sets a real challenge for local government, and increases the need for those elected to local government to focus on the services which really matter – like local transport and access for all.”

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