Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A14 Congestion: No Solution In Site

The A14 congestion continues to cause residents in Bar Hill and the surrounding villages problems getting around, especially travelling to and from Cambridge with large queues and slow-moving traffic.

Problems are particularly acute in Lolworth where residents have to go North and at some times in the day take life in their hands.

Liberal Democrat County Councillor and Girton resident Belinda Brooks-Gordon (pictured with Peter Fane, Liberal Democrat Candidate in Bar Hill) said "If only the Tories had listened to the Lib Dem plans for the A14 years ago many of these issues would have been addressed. Instead they wasted our Council Tax paying for vanity projects like the Guided Bus. Instead Bar Hill residents are left with only this dangerous road as the only route out of our village."

At the last meeting of Cambridgeshire County Council Conservative Cabinet Member Cllr Pegram was asked a question in relation to the A14 upgrade project and promised that steering groups will start meeting within the next month but that there are no current sources of funding for the project so it would have to wait until after the next Comprehensive Spending Review.

Local campaigner and South Cambridgeshire District Council candidate Peter Fane said "I call on Cllr Pegram to make these badly needed and long-overdue investment in this major transport artery running through our communities a priority and to involve Parish, District, and County Councillors to ensure that the best possible deal is reached for the people of Bar Hill".

"Given that they have already wasted £37m on this scheme it's vitally important that any further money is spent wisely: residents must begin to see real benefits as soon as possible. I wholeheartedly support Cambridge MP Julian Huppert in his call to explore cheaper and greener alternatives."