Saturday, 2 April 2011

E-Cops - Your weekly news 02-APR-2011

On Friday 25th March, we had a report of metal theft from Foxhollow Bar Hill. A white van with three men was seen driving in the area behaving suspiciously, one of these men was seen to get out of the van and helped himself in some metal and other items from a skip which was located in a private property. The owner of the skip has asked this man to return the metal back, the man was not keen on doing so, however he has eventually returned, and placed the metal back into the skip. Thank you to the resident who managed to get the van's index number, and reported the theft to us immediately. The police attended, and these three men were arrested, and dealt with at Parkside police station.

On Wednesday 30th March, we had a report of suspicious activity between Watermead and Apletrees area. Whilst the police helicopter was flying above Bar Hill area for a different matter, a man was seen to be hiding under a bridge. Police were notified, myself and PC Reeves attended and conducted an area search for this man for a long time, in the end the man was located in Appletrees. This man was from Peterborough, and was leaflet dropping in the area. We did all the necessary checks, and everything was in order. This man was given strict advice to carry an identification document with him, and also because he was carrying beer in his bag, we advised him that alcohol consumption is not allowed in open spaces in Bar Hill.

On Wednesday 30th March, there was a report of vehicle nuisance in Little Meadow, Bar Hill. A young lad was seen to be riding a motorcycle on the footpath in the area. Unfortunately neither myself or PC Reeves were on duty at the time of incident, however police did attend, and conducted a good area search for the motorcycle, but there was no trace. Thanks to the person that reported this nuisance and passed on the registration number of the motorcycle, as this has made it easy for us to locate this lad and deal with this. 

We have had numerous reports of ASB, last week in Robin Close, Bar Hill. This matter has been a longstanding ongoing neighbourhood dispute. Police are doing their best to try and resolve these problems progress is slow as most of the issues are out of police hands. South Cambs ASB officer has been notified of these incidents, and will be on the case.

We have been carrying out our priority regular patrols at the skate par in Bar Hill, and have been speaking to a lot of youths making use of the area. So far all seems to be fine and under control at this present time.

If there is anything in your village you feel you may need to bring to my attention, please get in touch.

Thank you 

PCSO 7009 Bujar Mani
Neighbourhood Policing Team