Sunday, 17 April 2011

E-Cops - Your Weekly News 16-APR-2011

I have had a very busy week dealing with variety of neighbourhood and crime problems in the village.

Information was passed to me via Bar Hill Primary School that two out of three local youths were captured on their CCTV system trespassing. I managed to get them identified and am in the process of advising them. We all view the school as an important local facility and would do all we could to protect the premises. On this occasion it was only youths messing around and nothing criminal occurred, I have however made it clear to the Children and Parents how serious the community view this trespassing. 

I am also helping resolve some neighbour problems in Robins Close, in partnership with the local authority officers. If you are a resident and have any concerns please get in contact.

My crime enquiries this week have involved mostly collecting CCTV from Tescos in relation to drive offs. One particular vehicle a free lander is of particular interest to us because of the number of offences committed. The number plates of this vehicle are always covered at the time of offence.

Routine speed checks on Monday 11th April, in Oakington Road, Dry Drayton, resulted in three speeders being caught. Drivers should be reflecting on their driving standards as a result of the follow up action.

As part of the neighbourhood priority set for us by residents I have also been patrolling the skate park to ensure that the young people there feel safe using it. I am pleased to report that most of the people in the park are using it correctly and seem to be comfortable using the area. I must add that they were all very polite and well behaved. I have been talking with the Parish Council about ongoing work to repair some of the lights in the area. The youths were pleased to hear that they were being listened to, as after all I expect only a few were responsible to the original damage to the lights.

Best Regards
Histon Neighbourhood Policing Team