Thursday, 7 April 2011

No joke: What do the BNP and the No2AV campaign have in common?

Yes to Fairer Votes
What do the BNP and the No2AV campaign have in common?

They'll both say anything to win. They'll both be defeated by passionate volunteers, campaigners who can tell the truth.

Last week saw the No campaign yet again try to hide the facts from the voting public. On one hand, they told us that the BNP would benefit from AV; on the other, they ignore BNP leader Nick Griffin's support for a No vote. They're using every deception in the book to try to knock us off stride - throwing insult after smear in our direction.

How do we stay on track? By showing them that this is a people's campaign, where talking honestly and openly, face to face and on the phone is the best way to win votes.

The only plan No2AV have is spin and trick - that old media classic. They're stuffed full of old guard politicians, who tell us that the broken status quo is what'll serve us best. Leave it to us they say.

How patronising.

We're not going to sit quietly. Everywhere I go, I sense the momentum for a Yes vote building. It really feels like we have ten grassroots supporters for every one of theirs. The No campaign's last desperate tactic is to try to suppress the Yes vote on May 5th through telling deliberate untruths.

Well, we can't let that win out, can we?

Join me - campaign at an event near you:

There are just 30 days left. Thanks for everything you're doing for fairer votes.

Willie Sullivan
Head of Field Operations

P.S. If you'd rather help out at your nearest phonebank than hit the streets, details can be found here.
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