Friday, 22 April 2011

Yes to Fairer Votes: Will you let them win?

Yes to Fairer Votes
This is our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This referendum is our historic moment, our chance to make a difference for generations to come.

Without your support, there's just no way of saying how the vote will go, but if there are enough of you on the ground on that day, we know we'll win. No matter what smears the No Campaign plaster on their billboards.

Don't let the referendum pass you by without a fight. Dedicate your 5 May to getting people out of their houses and into the voting booths. Sign up to be part of our GOTV plan:

Right now, the election is in the balance. We can win fairer votes for everyone, or we could have victory snatched away from us by the cynical smears of the No campaign.

Are you happy to sit back and let them scaremonger their way to cheating this country out of the voting system it deserves? I'm not, that's why between now and 5 May I'm dedicating every ounce of energy to winning Yes votes for AV - and I want you to join me.

We need as many people as possible to give their time to getting those undecided voters to vote, and vote yes on 5 May. We know that we can do this, but we are relying on you to be part of it.

Sign up to our GOTV plans right now, make sure that you do something on 5 May you are proud of:

We've come so far in this campaign - let's make it count on the one day that matters.

With many thanks for all your hard work,

Jonathan Bartley
Co Chair, Yes to Fairer Votes
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