Friday, 13 May 2011

Cambridgeshire's Music Service Saved Following Successful Campaign!

The County Council Music Service which runs the county’s Youth Orchestra, four music academies and music lessons for thousands of children has been saved after a campaign run by the Lib Dems with parents and music teachers.
The County Council had planned to siphon the government music grant of £670,000 but the money will now be kept for music provision for local children.
Cambridgeshire Lib Dem Deputy Leader, Peter Downes, is a past chair of the Cambridgeshire Youth Orchestra. He said: “There is clear evidence for the beneficial effect of music-making on children’s general development as well as their specific musical skills. Cutting money for music is short-sighted and counter-productive at a time when we are committed to raising standards for young people.”
Area music academies run by the service also provide the opportunity for children of all ages and abilities to perform in groups. The four academies provided ensembles for players from Grade 1 – 8 in classical music, jazz, folk music and samba bands.
These academies are free for children whose schools buy tuition from Cambridgeshire Music Service and available for all other children at a modest termly fee.