Monday, 16 May 2011

E-Cops - Drunk youths smashing bottles in Bar Hill area

On Friday, 7th May approximately 21:30 hrs, we received a report of a rowdy nuisance incident. A group of youths were walking in Appletrees drinking and smashing bottles on the ground creating a mess.

I was on duty and on patrol with my colleague PCSO Smith, and we were not far from the location of the incident when we were called to deal with the job, after we carried out an area search for these youths we were able to locate them in Crafts Way, Bar Hill. Four of them came from Cambridge city, only one of them was from Bar Hill.

I carried out the necessary checks on these youths with our control room, and none of them were known to the police, I confiscated the alcohol they had left on them, gave them suitable words of advice, and moved them on.

On two of them I also decided to send them both a letter to their home address, what we call ''GAP letter'' guardian awareness programme, making the parents aware of their children's behaviour when they are out and about. 

On Saturday, 8th May, we received a report of a dwelling burglary in Dry Drayton. There was a birthday party in the location, 3-4 men have turned up uninvited, and gatecrashed the party, these men only stayed for approximately 15 minutes, they distracted the guests whilst there and is believed that they have stolen several items from the address when they left. Police weren't called straight away as unknown of the items missing at the time, due to the party involving 30-40 people.

On Tuesday, 10 May I was engaged in road safety measures using a home office approved laser speed device in Crafts Way, Bar Hill. Only one driver was seen exceeding the speed limit through the village. This driver has had a warning letter posted to their home address this time. 

On Saturday, 8th May we received a report of theft of two bird tables from the front garden of an address in Pheasant Rise, Bar Hill. One of these tables has since been recovered. I would like to advise you that thefts are taking place from house gardens in Bar Hill, and not to leave any valuable items on display whilst your house is left unattended.

Finally for Bar Hill, at the beginning of March a warrant was executed in the village and a quantity of controlled substances were discovered along with the possession of an unauthorised firearm (CS spray). PC Reeves has since charged two persons with offences related to this warrant.

I also have been very busy dealing with crime enquiries in Girton over the past two weeks.

We have had 6 crime reports from the Co-op from beginning of May 2011. After spending a considerable amount of time investigating these shopliftings I am pleased to say that we have now managed to identify suspects for all 6 of these crimes.

2 Of these shoplifting were committed by two females who are well known to the police. PC Reeves is now dealing with these suspects. 

The other 4 shopliftings were committed by a white man 25 years old, this suspect is also wanted on warrant for other thefts that he has been committing all over Cambridge, we also have now got an address for this suspect and he will get a visit from the police in a very short period of time.

Kind Regards
From PCSO 7009 MANI
Histon Neighbourhood Policing Team