Sunday, 8 May 2011

Election Result in Bar Hill 2011

The election results from both the District Council and National Referendum are now available from the South Cambridgeshire District Council website (here) and are reproduced below;

Congratulations to Roger who polled more than 50% of the vote (a case when AV wouldn't have mattered!).

Breaking the results down by Share of the vote gives us;

Broadly speaking the results followed the national trend with the Labour party picking up the "anti-government" vote and with the Conservative vote dropping. A slight consolation locally is that compared to the election of four years ago (see here) our "share of the vote" remains practically unchanged.

On a personal note this has been an interesting campaign, my first campaign since moving to Bar Hill, and I'd like to join Peter in thanking those that supported and worked with us. If you'd like to join us for future campaigns please get in touch!