Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Huppert meets school staff in fight for better funding

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert will meet head teachers, school governors and other education officials on Friday (May 20) in his fight to get more government funding for schools across the county.

Julian will discuss the issue with members of the Cambridgeshire Schools Forum with the intention of lobbying the government for a better deal for the county under the new national funding formula for schools.

Cambridgeshire schools are among the worst funded in the county with each pupil receiving £438 less a year than the national average. If the county were brought into line, Cambridgeshire County Council would have an extra £34 million to spend.

Julian said: “The education of our children is of paramount importance and an extra £34 million would make a real difference.

“Our schools have suffered from serious underfunding dating back to the 1980s and perpetuated by Labour. We cannot allow this to go on. The government must give Cambridgeshire a fairer settlement and bring the county into line with others across the country.”

Earlier this year, Julian received a promising reaction from Education Minister, Michael Gove to his call to review the county’s grant allocation. Responding to a question from Julian in the House of Commons, Mr Gove said pupils should not be treated so unequally.  

“It was clear from his response that Mr Gove recognises the problem,” added Julian. “This is encouraging and I will do everything in my power to push the government to act.”