Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Mapping the UK

I just thought I'd bring to your attention a new link I've just added on the very left of the this site (Bar Hill Electoral Division (from MySociety). This new link shows the division of Bar Hill on Google Maps.

This information comes courtesy of the MySociety group of projects. More information on this specific area is available here.

I find it staggering that this information is not freely available and that, as a country, we're reliant on volunteers to put together a map of the electoral divisions in the UK in a way people can easily use (here, for example, is a link to all the Parish Councils covered by the Bar Hill Division, and here an individual map of the area covered by Dry Drayton Parish Council). If this information was freely available people would use it but if it's hidden away in some Government database then I feel that the effort that goes into collecting and  updating this information (that we are all paying for) is being wasted.

Congratulations to the MySociety team for publishing this information, given the success of FixMyStreet, WhatDoTheyKnow and the Number 10 petitions websites you have to wonder what they will do next!