Friday, 8 July 2011

Cambridge Residents and Visitors urged to join the Big Weekend and ignore EDL

A leading Cambridge City Councillor encourages residents to celebrate at the Big Weekend and turn their back on Saturday’s English Defence League march.

Rod Cantrill, Executive Councillor for Arts, Sport and Public Places has invited everyone from the community to join in with the family fun weekend and ignore the EDL.

“We have so much planned for the Big Weekend and I would urge everyone to go down to Parker’s Piece and join in,” he said. “It is this type of event that makes Cambridge a wonderful place in which to live. I would like to see everyone celebrating all that is good about our city together.”

Cllr Cantrill has joined Cambridge MP Julian Huppert, Cambridge City Council Leader, Sian Reid, Mayor Ian Nimmo-Smith and Lib Dem city and county councillors in signing up to a statement which makes it clear that the EDL is not welcome this weekend.

They have been joined by others across the city keen to impress upon the EDL that they are proud of their city's "capacity peacefully to embrace people of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds and enable them to regard Cambridge as their home".

The Lib Dems have put their statement on their website at so that others can make their views clear and in just a week more than 100 people have signed.

Cllr Cantrill says: “This is a true indictment to what people really feel about the EDL coming into our city. I hope residents will ignore this planned march and come to the Big Weekend instead.