Friday, 15 July 2011

County council fails to act on calls for parking review

Residents living around Cambridge’s Addenbrooke’s Hospital are facing the growing problem of patients parking near their homes to avoid paying parking charges.

Cars lining the streets caused problems for a fire engine trying to reach an incident recently.

Worried councillors have been lobbying the Tory-run Cambridgeshire County Council calling for action; but despite the problems, it has failed to agree a parking review.

Geoff Heathcock, County Councillor for Queen Edith’s has been told that the council has no resources to go-ahead with a review. He was told the council has other priorities because of staffing levels.

“The county council is abdicating its responsibilities to residents,” he said. “Further delays, which may well be for an indefinite period, condemn residents to more aggravation.

“Inconsiderate parking certainly impeded a fire appliance trying to reach an incident recently. This is intolerable. We need a parking review because residential streets are filling up with cars six days a week and the problem is growing.”