Tuesday, 19 July 2011

E-Cops - Have your say; name a priority for police

This week’s ‘have your say’ is from Cambridgeshire Police Authority and asks what police in Cambridgeshire should prioritise in their day to day work?

Cambridgeshire Police Authority engages with the public each year to help inform the setting of priorities for policing. 

This includes identifying a single People’s Policing Priority to ensure the police respond to a problem that is particularly important to the public of Cambridgeshire.

This year anti-social behaviour, with an emphasis on speeding and parking outside schools, was supported by members of the public. We want to know if we’ve got this right.

Go to the forum using the link below to ‘have your say’.

For more information on the role of the police authority visit our refreshed website. Whilst you’re there take a look at the local policing plan for Cambridgeshire, or even the easy to read summary leaflet, both show the policing priorities for 2011-14.

Kind regards,
Ruth Rogers
Chairman of Cambridgeshire Police Authority

http://www.cambs.police.uk/newpolicingapproach/haveyoursay/ - Have your say forum
http://www.cambs-pa.gov.uk/index.cfm - NEW(!) Police Authority website
http://www.cambs-pa.gov.uk/newsDetail.cfm?articleId=4958 - Local Policing Plan 2011/14