Sunday, 10 July 2011

E-Cops - Your weekly news 10-JUL-2011

It has been a relatively crime free week. We have received one complaint of criminal damage in Bar Hill and a nuisance report detailed below.

On Saturday, 2nd July 2011, during late evening the trampoline in the preschool yard was damaged. It is though that the damage has been caused by youths who climbed over the perimeter fence.

I have made enquiries into this particular complaint but have been unable to trace those responsible. Please let me know if you hear about who was responsible or saw anything at the time of the incident that may help to trace those responsible.

On the same Saturday, a complaint of loud noise and nuisance was reported in Appletrees. Officers dealing with the complaint found teenagers having a noisy party. They were given words of advice and moved on.

Police attended and advised to turn the music down, and moved on some of the youths from the address location. 

My speed checks have continued, forming part of an action plan to improve road safety. This week four motorists were caught speeding in Dry Drayton and have been advised. The reaction from the motorists has been to apologies with an assurance of safer driving in future.

Kind Regards
Histon Neighbourhood Policing Team