Saturday, 16 July 2011

E-Cops - Your weekly update 16-JUL-2011

I have had a very busy week, dealing with incidents, crime enquiries, and any of my free time has been spent on high visibility patrols.

Summer holidays are approaching, we do get some reports of children going missing during the holidays, so I have taken the initiative to speak to the children at Bar Hill County Primary School on how they can keep themselves safe during the holiday period. The visit was well received.

I would like to encourage parents/carers by reminding them to ensure that children in their care take appropriate steps to secure their mobile phones, i pods and other similar property, if you would like further advice on this issue please contact me.

Some of you may be going on holiday very soon. Please ensure that you have reminded your friends and neighbours to keep an eye on your property while you are away. You also need to think carefully about the property that you are taking on holiday to ensure that it is secure. For more information please contact me, and for those of you going on holiday do have a nice one. I will be doing my best to keep an eye out in the village with the support of my colleagues.

On Thursday, 14th July, there was a report of suspicious activity in The Spinney, Bar Hill. Two men were seen in the location attempting to unlock vehicle doors. Index numbers for the vehicles involved would have ensured crime reports could have been made. This way, our crime scene investigation department would have been notified and consideration given to searching for any fingerprints. If your vehicle was affected, please contact our Police Service Centre on 0345 456 4564 to report it.

On Sunday, 10th July, there was a report of a burglary in Dry Drayton Industrial Estate. The burglary was confirmed when police arrived where it was found that the front door to the office had been kicked in and a search was carried out by unknown offenders. It is not currently known if any property has been stolen and the crime remains undetected.

Kind Regards,

Histon neighbourhood Policing Team