Thursday, 18 August 2011

Council Care Budget Careers Further Out Of Control

Figures uncovered from the County Council show that the care budget for people with Learning Disabilities is even more overspent than was reported just a fortnight ago.

Councillor Fiona Whelan has discovered that reports of a deficit of between £2.1 and £3.1 million are in fact now predicted to be £3.5 million in Learning Disabilities. This is in addition to the forecast overspend of £9.1 million in the Older People’s budget revealed in late July.

Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet Member for Adult Care, Cllr Fiona Whelan, said:

“The County Council has lost control of its budgets and people needing care will be the losers.

“The Conservatives have brought in huge cuts in care for elderly and disabled people. Now the cuts will need to be even bigger.

“For most of the past decade, the Conservatives running the County Council have been too incompetent to set a realistic budget. They are prepared to make cut after cut to people’s care but they do not sort out the way the council is run so that they keep track of their spending.”