Saturday, 27 August 2011

Lib Dems attack money-wasting NHS bureaucracy

Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats have attacked plans to use vital NHS resources to create another unnecessary level of bureaucracy.

They have spoken out about the creation of a Strategic Health Authority cluster which will cover the West Midlands and the East of England for the next two years.

The off-shoot of the current SHAs is designed to oversee day to day delivery of care, build on the government’s NHS reforms for the future and support staff. At the same time, SHAs will continue their work unchanged.

But Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet Member for Health, Geoff Heathcock, believes it is an unnecessary waste of money that could be used directly for patient care.

He said: “Our hospitals and health services across the community generally need resources and yet we have this new level of bureaucracy being created which will take vital money that could benefit them.

“The NHS is moving forward with the creation of locally determined GP commissioning groups close to patients. What we do not need is an organisation of administrative staff absorbing taxpayers’ money for the next two years when we could find much better uses for it.

“Get rid of it now and let the real work be done at the front end.”