Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Police Advice Regarding Social Media and Riot Rumours

Cambridgeshire Police have been urging people across Cambridgeshire to ignore the various riot rumours circulating on social networks (Twitter, Facebook) in relation to Cambridgeshire. Cambridgeshire Police have their own Twitter feed which is updated regularly and is probably the best place for news and local updates;

The official news release is below.

"We are urging social media users not to believe everything they read on Twitter or Facebook – unless it’s an official feed.

We have been receiving a number of calls and Tweets, following rumours and speculation circulating on social media sites.

There is no truth in these rumours, and we have been working hard to reassure the public through their official Twitter feeds @cambscops and @suptpaul.

We would urge people not to believe everything they read on social media sites – unless it from an official police feed. There are a number of unhelpful postings and rumours that are simply untrue. 

We are also actively pursuing anyone we believe to be using social networking sites to incite violence and disorder.

Young people are particularly reminded of the risks of committing serious criminal offences with items they post on social networking sites. 

We continue to monitor the situation across the county – as well as other parts of the country, and are committed to keeping the people of Cambridgeshire as informed 
as possible through our official channels.

Anyone concerned about issues in their area can keep an eye on our Twitter feeds @cambscops and @suptpaul"