Friday, 9 September 2011

Alcohol Support Services Must Remain A Priority

Alcohol support services for patients and their families must remain a priority under NHS reforms, Geoff Heathcock, Liberal Democrat Shadow Cabinet Member for Health on Cambridgeshire County Council says.
He has called on the government and local authorities to make sure services are retained when GP commissioning is introduced in 2013.
Cllr Heathcock has spoken out following the news that Cambridge’s Addenbrooke’s Hospital has seen over 10,000 admissions in a single year resulting from alcohol.
“These figures are disturbing and they put an unacceptable strain not only on the accident and emergency department but other specialist units,” he said.
“We must make sure that when GPs start commissioning services in two years time the services needed to support suffers and their families remain a priority.
“I am horrified by the level of need which is identified in the Addenbrooke’s Hospital catchment area.”