Monday, 12 September 2011

Bar Hill to Leave South Cambridgeshire!

The Boundary commission has published it's proposed changes across Cambridgeshire in order to make MP's constituencies roughly balanced with somewhere between 72,810 and 80,473 electors. At the same time the number of constituencies (and therefore MP's) will be reduced to 600, in England this will mean a reduction from 533 to 502.

Whilst Cambridge remains unchanged in the proposals here in South Cambridgeshire the changes are pretty significant: In conjunction with St Neots (currently in Huntingdonshire) and roughly Gamlingay, Cambourne, Hardwick, and Bar Hill from South Cambridgeshire we will be forming a "new" parliamentary seat.

For a commission apparently aiming for "minimal change" this does seem to be quite significant in our area.

Across the rest of Cambridgeshire the changes are;
  • two seats in Peterborough (North & South) will include wards of Huntingdonshire and Fenland
  • Huntingdon takes in Chatteris
  • The remains of South Cambridgeshire District teams up with Queen Edith's
  • The whole of East Cambridgeshire District joins with the 4 wards of Newmarket to become a cross-county seat with Suffolk
  • March and Wisbech join Downham Market to form a cross-county seat with Norfolk
What effect these changes will have, if they go through - consultation is scheduled to start soon - I'll leave up to the papers to crunch the numbers and produce the interesting pictures. Given that South Cambridgeshire and all other seats in Cambridgeshire were Conservative (with the exception of Cambridge) and Cambridge is unchanged I predict the only significant areas of interest will be around South Cambridgeshire and the new seat.