Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cambridge MP Votes Against Controversial Health Reforms

Cambridge Liberal Democrat MP, Julian Huppert today (Wednesday, September 7) voted against the government’s controversial health reforms saying there was still “too far to go”.

He said that, despite his party vastly improving the legislation in the Health and Social Care Bill, there was still much work to be done before he could give it his support.

He added that he hoped the legislation could be fixed by the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords; but he would wait for evidence of that.

“This legislation is very much improved from Andrew Lansley’s original,” he said. “The Lib Dems have done an excellent job in bringing it closer to what it should be – but there is still too far to go.

“I hope the Lib Dems in the House of Lords will be able to fix the problems. But until I see proof of that I cannot support it.”

He added that one of the problems was evident in the way the Conservative-run Cambridgeshire County Council had decided to have just three councillors - all likely to be Conservatives - on the new Health and Wellbeing Board.

“This has happened in Andrew Lansley’s own back yard,” said Julian. ”This is not the way to make our NHS more democratic and accountable. They are not serious about their promises.”