Saturday, 10 September 2011

Heathcock Fears Lives Could Be At Risk From Inadequate Fire Cover

Leading Cambridgeshire Fire Authority member, Geoff Heathcock, fears residents and fire-fighters could be at risk from the inadequate level of cover across Cambridge.

He claims, despite assurances from a senior fire office in response to his concerns, he is still worried about the level of cover even before possible cuts to the service are implemented next year.

Cllr Heathcock raised his initial concerns after two serious incidents which took place in under an hour recently. Of the 13 fire stations in East and South Cambridgeshire, only four which were not directly involved in the two fires, could guarantee a crew.

Geoff said "This only confirms my worst fears that the service is too lean and lives and property are potentially extremely vulnerable. It is even more worrying that this is the present situation before possible cuts to the service are introduced in Burwell, Cambridge and Gamlingay in 2012.”

“I urge everyone concerned to challenge our MP's as a matter of urgency on the drastic measures facing our fire service. What is happening poses unacceptable risks to the public and our fire-fighters.”