Monday, 12 September 2011

Huppert Calls On Government To Get Tough On Tax Dodgers

Chancellor, George Osborne will be asked how he plans to reduce tax dodging today (Tuesday, September 6) when he is questioned by Liberal Democrat Cambridge MP, Julian Huppert.
During Oral Questions in the House of Commons, Julian will ask Mr Osborne what steps he is taking to reduce tax avoidance by large organisations and wealthy individuals.
Julian’s question comes just days after the Swiss government agreed to tax money held by UK taxpayers in Swiss bank accounts while still hiding their identities.
The deal is expected to see £5 billion a year handed to the Treasury by the Swiss authorities.
“This is certainly progress, but this is only the tip of the iceberg,” said Julian. “Wealthy individuals and large organisations are finding loopholes in the tax laws and banking money offshore to avoid paying.
“This is money which should be going into Treasury funds but some are getting richer while others are struggling.
“Families and individuals across the country are facing a hard time trying to make ends meet as we try to put the economy back on its feet and address the huge debt left by Labour. We have been told ‘we are in this together’, therefore the government must act now to make sure that there are no exceptions.”