Tuesday, 25 October 2011

25% Allowances Increase for County Councillors ...

At the last meeting of Cambridgeshire County Council the Conservative Group, including local County Councillor John Reynolds, voted to increase members basic allowance by a staggering 25% (from £7,610 to £9,500), the allowance for the Conservative leader of the Council from £22,246 to £28,500, and allowances for every member of the Conservative cabinet from £11,659 to £14,250.

At a time when hard-working officers across Cambridgeshire are taking pay freezes or even pay cuts, at a time when services are being scrapped, and experienced Council employees are being replaced with inexperienced, but keen, volunteers now is clearly not the time for a such an inflation-busting rise.

The Liberal Democrats have opposed this change from the start; voting against it at Full Council and are now campaigning to get this change reversed;

Over 400 people have signed this petition (which was only launched on Saturday) calling on Councillors not to accept this rise. Please join them and circulate this link to anyone you think might share your views.

For a full list of Councillors who voted in favour of this measure please click here.