Sunday, 23 October 2011

Cambridge MP Calls For Change In Law To Help Disabled Bus Passengers

MP Julian Huppert will today (Tuesday, October 18) back a move in the Commons for a change in the law to allow some elderly and disabled people to use concessionary bus passes on Dial-a-Ride.

He has a Private Members' Bill under the '10-Minute Rule' which argues that some people with complex mobility problems, who are entitled to Concessionary Travel Cards, cannot board buses easily and hence make use of them.

They rely on community transport, such as Dial-a-Ride, but under the present law they cannot use their travel cards on those services and have to pay.

Julian wants a change in the Concessionary Bus Travel Act to allow a person who relies on community transport services to be able to use their travel card to travel for free on those services.

He said: “Concessionary Travel Cards are designed to make it easy and affordable for the elderly and disabled to travel by bus. This is an excellent scheme which prevents social isolation allowing people to go shopping, attend appointments and meet up with friends.

“The scheme falls down, however, when people have complex problems which mean they cannot board the buses. This is where community transport proves invaluable; but they have to pay extra for that under current law.

“A simple change to that law would give these people the free travel to which they are entitled but on a service that suits them.”