Thursday, 13 October 2011

Lib Dems Victory In Fight For Wind Farms

Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats are celebrating victory after a Tory decision to ban wind farms on county council land was sent back for a rethink.
Liberal Democrats had called-in the decision by the Tory-controlled Cabinet on Cambridgeshire County Council which they claimed reinforced the ruling group’s lack of commitment to climate change.
The decision, to put a hold on wind farms on council-owned Farms Estate land, came despite four tenant farmers having worked with the county council and invested money on wind turbine projects.
Cambridgeshire County Council Shadow Cabinet member for Planning, Enterprise and Environment, Kevin Wilkins said: “"It is good news that councillors from across the political spectrum backed the Lib Dem call for a rethink on the ban on wind power on county
council land.
"The blanket ban on wind power is absurd and particularly unfair on the council's tenant farmers and I am relieved that the scrutiny committee agreed.
"I hope that the Leader of the council will put aside his own hostility to the well-established science of climate change when reconsidering the policy at Cabinet."