Thursday, 6 October 2011

Solar Power - Coming To A School Near You!

The 10:10 campaign, dedicated to helping people reduce their carbon emissions, is currently developing a new project called "Solar Schools".

This new project allows individuals and businesses, for as little as £5 each, to sponsor new solar panel installations for their local primary or secondary schools. In the words of the founder; "The idea is simple: we help schools get their own solar panels by giving them tools to raise money from the local community. This cuts their carbon emissions, generates long-term income via the Feed-in Tariff and provides a brilliant educational resource for the pupils."

The beta project is far from complete but they are already asking schools to register for the 2012 programme.

If there is a school in your local area that would like to register please direct them to;

If you'd like to find out more, or sponsor one of the existing schools in the scheme, then please visit the URL;

NOTE: The nearest school registered with the scheme to Bar Hill is Newnham Croft Primary School (5km away) -