Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cambridge MP Backs Move To Scrap Second Homes Council Tax Discount

A government proposal to allow councils to scrap council tax discounts for second homes would give Cambridge an extra £88,000 in lost income.
The move, for which the Liberal Democrats have long campaigned, will help Cambridge residents says MP Julian Huppert.
In addition to ending the mandatory discount of between 10 and 50 per cent on council tax on second homes they would also allow councils to charge an Empty Homes Premium of up to 50 per cent on any home left empty for two years or longer.
Cambridge has 614 second homes and the owners are entitled to an average discount of 10 per cent.
Julian said: “These proposals are long overdue and would bring in extra money for our services to help our residents rather than giving incentives to people who live miles away.
“These reforms would also go a long way to easing the housing shortage by generating income to bring empty homes back into use. We have families waiting for housing but there are not enough affordable properties in the city to allow us to help them.
“I am pleased that the government has taken our ideas on board and untied the hands of councils across the country allowing them to make a real difference to people who need their help.”