Tuesday, 29 November 2011

E-Cops - Update from Cambridgeshire Police Authority

Cambridgeshire Police Authority will face a difficult decision in the coming months about council tax.

The Government is encouraging all local authorities not to increase their council tax in 2012-13. To offset this financial pressure it is offering local authorities a one-off additional government grant instead of raising council tax to fund services, including policing, in 2012-13. For the Police Authority the grant would be £1.5m.

Ruth Rogers, Chair of Cambridgeshire Police Authority, said: “On the face of it, this looks like an easy decision. After all, who would turn down the offer of additional money?

“However, this grant is for one year only whereas a council tax increase provides ongoing funding in future years. Unless this lost, ongoing funding can be recovered by a council tax increase in 2013/14 – over and above the increase required to pay our increasing costs – then the police service in Cambridgeshire would need to find a further £1.5m per year in savings. This is the equivalent of 37 police officers. This leaves the Authority with a dilemma - raise the council tax from April 2012 or take the grant and leave the new Police and Crime Commissioner with the decision either to raise council tax significantly from April 2013 or accept a further £1.5m per year in cuts.
“And for council tax payers the news might not be as good as it first appears because it could result in a bigger increase in council tax in 2013.” 

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