Saturday, 10 December 2011

'Good Neighbour' Call From County Council Care Chief

Cambridgeshire County Council's Cabinet Member responsible for Adult Social Care, Councillor Martin Curtis, is calling on people to help public agencies care for the vulnerable in the community by becoming good neighbours.

His call is in support of a new countywide Help at Home service, provided by the Cambridgeshire Care Network Charity and funded by the County Council and NHS Cambridgeshire.

The service can be used by GPs, community and hospital support teams and directly by the public. It offers help with tasks like shopping, calling in to check if someone is warm and well, collecting prescriptions and linking people with other community and voluntary services that they may benefit from.

Councillor Curtis, who is Cabinet Member for Adult Social Services, said: "The new Help at Home scheme is an excellent way to ensure that those vulnerable people in our community get the help they often need, but are reluctant or unable to ask for.

"What I am asking people to do is not to become nosy neighours, but concerned neighbours who gently keep an eye on people living nearby who may benefit from the new service and the other advice and support provided by agencies across Cambridgeshire including health and social care services."

Agencies across Cambridgeshire are working together to help people in the county stay safe, warm and well when the winter weather hits.

Under the guidance of the new Health and Wellbeing Board, health services, road safety experts and care support services are sharing information, expertise and support to ensure that a comprehensive range of services is available to vulnerable residents, when they need it most.

The local NHS will be working with District Councils and voluntary sector agencies such as Age UK to provide advice on how to keep warm and well over winter, as well as encouraging vulnerable people to take up flu vaccinations, and avoid slips and trips.

Cllr Curtis, said: "By working even more closely together, health, welfare and safety agencies across Cambridgeshire, can do even more than in previous years to support our communities and I am asking local people to help us to help those who need us by becoming a 'good neighbour.'

For more information on the Help at Home service, contact (01223) 714433 or visit - for health and social care services go to