Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Liberal Democrat MP Acts To Drive Down Cost Of Motorway Fuel

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert is calling on the government to act to protect drivers from being held to ransom by petrol stations on motorways.
He believes Britain should adopt the French system where fuel prices at filling stations are flagged up to motorway drivers in advance to increase competition.
Julian is calling on MPs to sign an Early Day Motion acknowledging that fuel prices on motorways are up to 7.4 per cent higher than the national average caused, in part by the lack of competition.
And he has tabled a Parliamentary Question asking what assessment the government has made of the price of fuel on motorways and whether there are any plans to give drivers price comparisons.
“We need an end to this captive market,” he said. “Drivers, who need petrol or diesel, are being held to ransom on the motorways because they are forced to use the service stations. If they knew the price of fuel at the next few services in advance it would give them a choice and it would force service stations to stay competitive, driving prices down.”
The issue was raised in the House of Lords recently by Liberal Democrat Peer. Lord Steele and it was suggested that the Office of Fair Trading should investigate the issue.
Full text of the EDM reads: That this House believes that fuel prices on motorways are too high; notes that a recent survey by WhatCar? found that fuel prices on motorways are up to 7.4 per cent. higher than the national average; further believes that the disproportionate cost of fuel on motorways is in part a result of the lack of competition between filling stations and a lack of information for drivers about the cost of fuel; further believes that the Government should take action to prevent the continuation of this captive market; and calls on the Government to make information on petrol prices at nearby filling stations available to drivers while they are on the motorway.
Full text of the Parliamentary Question reads: To ask the secretary of state for transport what assessment she has made of the cost of fuel on motorways; and whether she has any plans to ensure that drivers on motorways are made aware of the comparative cost of fuel at motorway filling stations.”