Thursday, 26 January 2012

Andrew Duff Welcomes £800K EU Investment In Renewable Energy Infrastructure In Cambridgeshire And Peterborough

Andrew Duff MEP

Andrew Duff, Lib Dem Euro-MP for Cambridgeshire welcomed the decision of the County Council (on 17th Jan) to invest in the renewable energy infrastructure across the county. The EU grant of £800,000 will be geared to help provide over £18 million of investment across the County.

The EU-funded project Mobilising Local Energy Investments in Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough will set up delivery vehicles to manage the scale of infrastructure delivery above, including an energy services company that can commission, design, build and manage new energy generating schemes (community scale and larger), and a special purpose vehicle to support delivery of large scale retrofit in public assets which will reduce their costs of operation.

Mr Duff said ‘The investment of EU funding toupgrade Cambridgeshire’s renewable energy infrastructure will help ensure that the switch to a low carbon economy has Cambridgeshire at the forefront.’