Monday, 16 January 2012

Cambridge MP Gives His Support To Big Energy Week

MP Julian Huppert dropped into a one-day event designed to give residents advice about energy consumption and encourage them to think about energy efficiency today (Monday, January 16).

He gave his support to Big Energy Week organised by the Citizens Advice Bureau and other leading charities at Cambridge’s Grand Arcade.

The event included advice about swapping energy suppliers and making sure people are on the right tariffs and how to conserve energy.

There was also information on national campaigns designed to help vulnerable people with energy consumption and costs.

Julian said: “These are difficult economic times and some people are struggling to pay increasing energy prices.

“This event offered some extremely valuable information and advice. It might be that by swapping suppliers or changing the energy tariff, significant savings could be made. But we lead busy lives and sometimes we simply don’t have the time to even think about this. And too often, people don’t think about ways to reduce the energy they use, despite the government schemes to support insulation programs.

“If this event has made people think about how they use energy, it could give them significant savings over the course of a year and cut their energy consumption. This is extremely good news.”