Thursday, 19 January 2012

Decision of BASF to move Scientific Research from Europe to USA 'A Strategic Mistake'

Andrew Duff MEP

BASF have announced that they are to relocate their plant science research hub from Europe to the United States.  Lib Dem Euro-MP Andrew Duff says he regrets the decision of a leading European Science Companies to move to the USA.

Mr Duff said "Until we intensify research into GM we will be unable as a society to take informed decisions about the future of plant biotechnology. GM science offers the prospect of long-term solutions to problems of disease, drought, nutrition and food insecurity.”

"For Europeans to leave the hard science to the rest of the world is a big strategic mistake. Prejudice against genetic modification of any kind displays a kind of NIMBYISM which is detrimental to science and does not contribute to a higher level of public debate.”

"I hope the many successful bio-scientists in the East of England will not be tempted by BASF's removal to up-sticks for Asia and America."